Tuition, Housing, & Meals

To complete your registration and reserve your spot, please select your tuition, housing, and meal plan preferences and continue through checkout.  If you have not yet filled out the Registration Form, please click here.


We've tried to make the camp as accessible as possible by allowing you to tailor your choices.  Depending on your needs, the cost of the camp can range from $345 for discounted day campers with no meal plan to $1,335 for residential campers paying full price, opting into meals, and staying in a private dorm room.


*NOTE: Please enter promo code SONGWEAVERS22 at checkout

to remove shipping cost.  Also, if it's all the same to you, PayPal is our preferred payment method. 

1. TUITION - Whether you're local or coming from away, please purchase a tuition option to reserve your spot.*  


This fee includes singing instruction throughout the week, access to optional daily crafting and movement classes (materials fee may apply), a daily music experiential just for kids, as well as participation in evening events and the culminating concert.  It does not cover housing or meals.


*Tuition is free for children under 9. Please do purchase housing and meals for your children if applicable. If the pricing options available don't work for you, contact us about additional support.


$545 ($345 supported option)



2. HOUSING - We're offering accommodations in the dormitory of the local boarding school, located on the site where most of our singing will take place.  You can select a private or shared room or a family suite. The dorms are also within walking distance of the coop, the ocean, Blue Hill Mountain, the town park, walking trails, gift shops, coffee shops, book stores, and more.  Click here for more information about the dorm and its amenities. 

Please feel free to arrange your own accommodations if you'd prefer.  Here is a partial list of local inns.  There are also lots of private rentals available in the area if you book in advance.

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 3.05.34 PM.png

$895 - Family Suite

$695 - Private Dorm Room

$245 - Shared Dorm Room

$90   - Camping Pass 


3. MEAL PLAN - Sharing meals can be a wonderful way to continue the connection! We're offering an optional meal plan that includes healthy breakfast, a hearty morning snack, and a nourishing dinner, all featuring delicious local ingredients. 


There will be a generous lunch break each day during which campers can walk to the coop, grocery store, or one of the local cafes, prepare food in the dorm kitchen, or pack a picnic for the mountain or town park.  

Friends toasting and celebrating their meeting with a healthy vegan meal.jpg

$295 ($195 kids 3-12)