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Tuition, Housing, & Meals

To complete your registration and reserve your spot, please select your tuition, housing, and meal plan preferences BELOW and continue through checkout.  

*Please enter promo code SONGWEAVERS23 at checkout

to remove shipping cost.  PayPal is our preferred payment method* 

 If you have not yet filled out the Registration Form, please click here.

1. TUITION - Whether you're local or coming from away, please purchase a tuition option to reserve your spot.*  


This fee includes singing instruction throughout the week, access to optional daily crafting and movement classes (materials fee may apply), a daily music experiential just for kids, as well as participation in evening events and the culminating concert.  It does not cover housing or meals.


*Tuition is free for children under 9. Please do purchase housing and meals for your children if applicable. If the pricing options available don't work for you, contact us about additional support.


$545 ($395 supported option)



2. HOUSING - This is a year for CAMPING!  Our campsites are nestled among woodlands and gardens across the grounds and will be claimed on a first come, first served basis. Campers will have access to private outdoor warm-water showers and shared indoor bathroom facilities.  


If you'd prefer indoor accommodations, act fast!  We have a limited number of private or shared dorm-style rooms, with access to shared bathrooms and an indoor shower.

We also have indoor "camping" options for those who would like to minimize cost while sleeping indoors.

Please feel free to arrange your own accommodations if you'd prefer.  Here is a partial list of local inns.  There are also lots of private rentals available in the area if you book in advance.



$135 - Camping pass

$155 - Indoor "camping"

$215 - Group dorm room

$245 - Double dorm room

$295 - Private indoor room 


3. MEAL PLAN - Sharing meals can be a wonderful way to continue the connection. Our meal plan includes a healthy breakfast, morning snack, and a nourishing supper, all featuring delicious local ingredients. 


There will be a generous lunch break each day, during which campers can walk across the street to our lovely food coop, pop over to the local grocery store, or visit one of the local eateries, all within walking distance.

Friends toasting and celebrating their meeting with a healthy vegan meal.jpg

$295 ($195 kids 3-12)


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