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Canto do Povo de um Lugar

The Bay School students learned the first verse of this song with the help of our Brazilian students.  They then learned the rest of the verses in Spanish during Spanish class.  To accompany this crankie, they sing the first verse in Portuguese, then in Spanish, and then translate the rest of the song into English.  The crankie was created with their collaboration.  

Little Red Bird 

This crankie, or scrolling paper story, was designed with help from the Bay School's 8th Grade class of 2018 and created by Meg and family. Vocals in this video are by Meg. 

The Elk Herd 

This is the first crankie Meg made with students at the Bay School.  It accompanies the song, "The Elk Herd." 

The Giant Turnip Crankie

This is the crankie that Meg made to accompany the telling of a version of the Giant Turnip.

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