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Reviews of At Home in Harmony


"At last!  Here's a project that invites us all to sing through life with gusto!  Meg Chittenden presents beautiful and attainable songs from all around the world to help us sing, sing, sing.  Waldorf Publications is excited to be publishing this book and CD, so beautifully prepared and designed to give families a peek into all the singing that floats our Waldorf schools.  We can’t wait to get the book and CD out to everyone!  Meg has a voice that is a joy to follow.  You’ll see.  You’ll hear!"


Patrice Maynard, 

Director of Publications and Development, 










"With mastery, Meg uses her luminous voice to enliven community, touching our hearts with her musical brilliance and inviting us to join in the magic of her song."


Kirsten Rickert

Artist, Writer, Photographer, Mother

“Meg Chittenden infuses such joy into her teaching that one cannot keep from singing!  She has been the music teacher for our teachers-in-training for many years.  In addition to lovely children’s songs and games, she enlivens everyone with stunningly beautiful and fun songs that appeal to all ages.  Rounds, harmony, chants – such depth and breadth – and yes, JOY!  Our students, many of whom start the training saying they cannot sing, leave filled to the brim and capable.  I often hear them singing through the day during breaks, and eagerly sharing from their bounty at graduation.  Meg is marvelous!”


Cynthia Aldinger,

Founder, Pedagogical Coordinator and Author 

“If you have never had the opportunity to sing in harmony or to learn great songs, now is your chance!  Meg has made it possible for anyone to take up singing with this wonderful collection of songs, complete with harmonies to help you make beautiful music with others. It is time to raise our voices! Thank you Meg!


Carol Kelly,

Waldorf Teacher Training Faculty Alum

Antioch University


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