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SingWaldorf is pleased to be working with Waldorf Publications and our KICKSTARTER supporters to produce:

Learn Song in Harmony


When we sing in harmony, we tune in to each other while staying true to our own voices and celebrate the beauty that arises from our differences.  It can be truly transformational!


That said, for many of us, it can be a challenge to learn to sing (and teach) songs in harmony, especially working from sheet music alone.  That's why, when you purchase this book, you also gain access to a complete set of Learning Tracks.  The Learning Tracks offer you setp-by-step instruction to guide you in learning each song on the collection, along with its harmonies.


Chart your own course.  Learn at your own pace.  Add as much complexity as you like by layering in harmonies, or keep it simple and stick with the melody.  Experience a new or renewed sense of the power of your own voice and the magic that arises when we come together in song!










From songs to uplift the morning to songs that bring peace and comfort at day's end, "At Home in Harmony" is full of gems that will help enliven your days. 

Because the songs center around the most essential instrument of all - the voice - you can bring them with you wherever you go.






At Home in Harmony: 

Bringing Families and Communities Together in Song

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Have a listen!

Below are samples of some songs offered in the collection, sung in full harmony.  You can learn to sing and teach these and many more songs by purchasing the book and gaining access to the instructional Learning Tracks.  

Oh, Freedom

Hotaru Koi


Samba Le Le


Deep Peace

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